January 18, 2018


Beginning with its first publication in 1950, the Belnap Family Organization has produced a substantial amount of material honoring and recording the history and genealogy of Gilbert Belnap and his wives, Adaline Knight and Henrietta McBride.  Much of this information is now available here in digitized format.  Click on the links below to access or learn more about these landmark Belnap Family Organization publications:

Other Family History Publications

In addition to “official” Belnap Family Organization materials noted above, other notable family history publications have been produced regarding various branches of the Belnap family.  Click here to access these other family history publication.

Other Publications by Gilbert Belnap’s Descendants (not Belnap family history-related)

Many other works have been written by descendants of Gilbert Belnap on various subjects.  Click here to learn more about some of these other publications by family members.

Belknap Publications

In addition to family history publications by the Belnap Family Organization or descendants of Gilbert Belnap, many other works have been written by other Belknap/Belnap relatives on various subjects.  Click here to learn more about some of these other publications.


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