January 18, 2018

Other Belnap Descendant Publications

In addition to family history publications by the Belnap Family Organization, including its various branches, many works have been written by descendants (including spouses) of Gilbert Belnap on various other subjects not relating to Belnap family history.  Below is a list of some known publications, listed by author:

B. West Belnap

  • Belnap, B. West. Faith Amid Skepticism (Know Your Religion) (BYU, 1959)

Daniel L. Belnap

  • Belnap, Daniel L. & Gaye Strathearn, eds. Things Which My Father Saw: Approaches to Lehi’s Dream and Nephi’s Vision, The (BYU RSC/Deseret Book, 2011)
  • Belnap, Daniel L., ed. By Our Rites of Worship: Latter-day Saint Views on Ritual in Scripture and Practice (Deseret Book, 2013)

H. Austin Belnap

  • Belnap, H. Austin. Anyone Can Be Wealthy: Untold Secrets of a Millionaire (1985)
  • Belnap, H. Austin. Majestic Catastrophe: Our Emerging World (Salt Lake City: Lozo, 1991)

Hyrum Belnap

  • Belnap, Hyrum. The Aaronic Priesthood (1907)

John M. Belnap

Joseph E. Belnap

  • Belnap, Joseph E. The Coin’s Edge: Shadows of the Last Days (Granite Publishing, 1998)
  • Belnap, Joseph E. The Shadow Walkers (Arcadia Publishing, 2000)

Joseph F. Belnap

  • Belnap, Joseph F. Salem L.D.S. Ward History, 1883 to 1972 (1972)

Karma Smith Belnap

  • Belnap, Karma Smith. Not to Worry, Mom, I’m Okay: Lessons in Living from a Beloved Son (Covenant Communications, 1996)

Parley L. Belnap

  • Belnap, Parley L. Hymn Studies for Organists
  • Belnap, Parley L. Organ Essentials, Basic Skills and Perspectives for the Church Organist, Music 115 and 116R (Ard Publications, 1992)

R. Kirk Belnap

  • Belnap, R. Kirk, Heidi Bay, Stephen Fairbanks, David Lager, and Jeana Yamamoto. “On Scones.” In DLLS, 59-67 [origin of “Mormon” scones]
  • Belnap, R. Kirk. Structuralist Studies in Arabic Linguistics: Charles A. Ferguson’s Papers, 1954-1994 (Studies in Semitic Languages and Linguistics) (Brill Academic Publishers, 1997)

W. Dean Belnap

  • Belnap, W. Dean & Glen C. Griffin. About Life and Love: Facts of Life for LDS Teens (Deseret Book, 1968)
  • Belnap, W. Dean & Glen C. Griffin. About Marriage and More (Deseret Book, 1968)
  • Belnap, W. Dean. “How to Start a Family Organization and Keep It Going.” Ensign 2 (Aug 1972): 81-82
  • Belnap, W. Dean. Raising Families in Our Permissive Society (Hawkes Publishing, 1978)
  • Belnap, W. Dean. “The Church in Indonesia.” Journal of Collegium Aesculapium, Spring 1995, pp. 50-55
  • Belnap, W. Dean. A Brain Gone Wrong: Hope for the Troubled Teen (2008)

Bruce E. Erickson and Joyce Erickson

  • Erickson, Bruce E. & Joyce Erickson. When Life Doesn’t Seem Fair: How Our Family Found Peace in Adversity (1995)

Dennis L. Largey

  • Largey, Dennis L., gen. ed. Book of Mormon Reference Companion (Deseret Book, 2003)
  • Largey, Dennis L., gen. ed. Doctrine and Covenants Reference Companion (Deseret Book, 2012)

Brent J. Schmidt

  • Schmidt, Brent J. “Temple Elements in Ancient Religious Communities,” BYU Studies 50:1



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