January 18, 2018

Carroll York Belknap Collection

The Carroll York Belknap Collection is one of the larger collections of original research materials compiled on the Belknap-Belnap family.  It consists primarily of correspondence from/to, as well as research notes created by, Carroll York Belknap, who was an avid genealogist (and third cousin twice removed of Gilbert Belnap).  The primary focus of the collection is the direct Belknap ancestry and descendants of Jonas Newton Belknap (1759-1824), grandson of “our” Samuel Belknap (about 1702-before 1757).

Following Carroll’s death, W. Dean Belnap arranged for his research records to be delivered to Della A. Belnap, Belnap Family Organization genealogist, who spent much time and personal funds indexing and collating the information onto standard LDS-format family group sheets.  Unfortunately, it appears that some of the “family cards” that Carroll had used to organize relationships were thrown out once the information they cards contained had been retyped.  After Della’s death in 1993, the remaining records were passed to her nephew, Steven A Belnap, who held them until his death in 2013.  In 2011, Steven’s brother Brent J. Belnap and W. Dean Belnap collaborated on getting the collection digitized through professional scanning firm in Salt Lake City.  Unfortunately, some of the scanned images appear obviously “fuzzier” than the originals.  After scanning, the original records were given to Dean Belnap for safekeeping.

The CYB Collection is presented here (generally) alphabetically according to Carroll’s folder  labels.  The information is in need of much further sorting and indexing but is included “as is” for preservation and as an aid to other genealogists researching the Belknap-Belnap surname.


Last update:  8 Apr 2016