January 21, 2018

Rock On! Ryan Shupe to Perform at 2016 Reunion


Gilbert Belnap descendant Ryan Shupe (yes, the Ryan Shupe of “Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band” fame) is scheduled to perform at the 2016 Belnap Family Reunion, which will be held on Saturday, August 13, in Eden, Utah.  Ryan, who started playing the fiddle at age 5, is a nationally acclaimed vocal and instrumental musician.  His style includes a unique fusion of rock, bluegrass, and country.  He played and toured nationally in various musical groups growing up–including at one of the Belnap Family reunions in the 1970s.  His experiences in bands forming and then breaking up led to the concept of a “rubber band”–in which band members rotate in and out without a name change or a break in style.  Though the band has played in traditionally country venues and festivals all over the United States (such as the Telluride Music Festival and Nashville), their music draws from various influences.  They have been described as “a mix between Dave Matthews Band and Dixie Chicks without the political agenda.”  Ryan, who was born July 22, 1971 in Ogden, Utah, is a third great grandson of Gilbert Belnap–twice over!  Through his mother, Sandra Colleen Ross Shupe, Ryan descends from Gilbert Belnap twice–through Gilbert’s sons Joseph (who was born to Gilbert’s first wife, Adaline Knight) and Francis Marion (who was born to Gilbert’s second wife, Henrietta McBride).  In essence, Ryan’s unique Belnap heritage makes him a “double Belnap.”  Plan now to attend this year’s reunion to meet Ryan and hear him perform.  You won’t want to miss this unique moment in our shared family history!

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