January 18, 2018

Signature Pedigree

This signature pedigree shows the handwritten signatures of Gilbert Belnap and his direct-line male ancestors, where available, with links to source documents.  The signature samples indicate changes in writing styles and quality of penmanship.

Gilbert Belnap (1821-1899)


Source:  Letter from Gilbert Belnap to Adaline Belnap (wife), 28 Mar 1856, page 2

Rosel Belnap (1789-1832)


Source:  Rosel Belnap Bible Record; 24 Dec 1828 (as hand copied by J. C. Willson; 3 Jul 1898–not original signature)

Jesse Belnap (1760-1854)


Source:  Affidavit of Jesse Belnap, Revolutionary War Military Pension Application; 18 Jul 1851

Jesse Belknap (1739-after 1818)


Samuel Belknap (about 1702-before 1757)


Source: Deed; 30 May 1735

Ebenezer Belknap (1667-1762)


Samuel Belknap (chr. 1627/28-1701)


Abraham Belknap (chr. 1589/90-1643)


Bennet Beltoft alias Belknap (about 1560-1624)


Source:  Will of Bennet Beltoft of Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, Essex Archives; D/ABW 45/1; 15 Jun 1624

Richard Beltoft (about 1520-1599)


Laurence Beltoft (about 1495-before 1545)


Richard Beltoft (before 1470-before 1510)


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