January 18, 2018

Belknap / Beltoft Family

Included below are links to important resources on the direct Belnap/Belknap/Beltoft ancestry of Gilbert Belnap:

Belnap/Belknap/Beltoft Family Genealogical Data

  • See Charts and Records for links to important genealogical information on the Belnap/Belknap/Beltoft ancestry of Gilbert Belnap, including ancestry and descendancy charts and other compiled genealogy data.

Belnap/Belknap Individuals (some individual links include information on yet other family members)

Belknap Ancestry Publications

Belknap/Beltoft Family in England

Early Belknaps

Early Beltofts (not thought to have any connection to the Beltofts/Belknaps of Sawbridgeworth)


Last update:  8 Apr 2016