January 18, 2018

Family Representatives

The “umbrella” Belnap Family Organization is supported by its individual branches, represented by the children of Gilbert Belnap.  Each of the fifteen surviving branches of the family is represented by one primary “Family Representative.”

A Family Representative serves as the official representative of his or her respective branch to the Belnap Family Organization, and of the organization to the branch.  Each branch is authorized to designate its own Family Representative to the organization.  In the absence of official designation by a branch, the Belnap Family Organization may appoint a representative.  In addition to a primary Family Representative, a branch may designate additional or alternate (non-voting) family representatives to assist in the work.

Duties of a Family Representative include maintaining current contact information on all descendants of Gilbert Belnap for the branch and regularly submitting updated genealogical information on all members of the branch, including an annual report of all known births, marriages, deaths, and other pertinent genealogical and historical information occurring within the branch during the previous year.

The current Family Representatives for each branch of the Belnap Family Organization are:

Gilbert Rosel

John McBride (died young–no living descendants)



Martha Jane


Augustus Weber

Volney (died young–no living descendants)

Vinson Knight


Adaline Lorinda

Mary Louisa

Lola Almira

William James


Francis Marion

Isadora Estella


Last update:  27 Apr 2017